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Looking for reliable, precise, and affordable transcription services online? Voxtab's native English- speaking transcriptionists and quality analysts provide all this, and more.

Accurate Results

Apart from being certified by the ISO for the quality of our services at a process level, Voxtab’s exclusive, accuracy-driven 3-Tiered Quality Check process ensures error-free and accurate transcription every time. To guarantee you a top-notch transcript, each assignment undergoes three levels of quality checks:

Language and Subject-Matter Expertise

Subject Matter Experts: native english transcription, medical transcriptionist

Avoid the quality issues that often occur when non-native speakers transcribe your audio/video files. Our highly trained transcriptionists can understand your specific dialect, accent, slang, and other cultural nuances. Our team of highly skilled personnel consistently meets our clients’ language and usage expectations.

What’s more: Your audio file will always be transcribed by someone with in-depth expertise in your field. Among our team of experts are numerous individuals who specialize in your specific subject area (business, economics, and legal; arts and humanities; medical; physics and engineering, life sciences).

Confidential, Fast, and Affordable Service

Voxtab is committed to the highest standards of information security, client confidentiality, and trust. In fact, we are ISO/IEC-certified for our robust Information Security Management System (ISMS). We guarantee that your data is always treated with the greatest security and integrity. .

We are also committed to catering to your specific needs. Our range of turnaround times ensures delivery by your preferred deadline. And we never compromise the quality of your transcript, regardless of the plan chosen. We deliver affordable service—as low as $1.25 per minute. And our pricing model includes numerous free services for which our competitors charge.

Do you have ongoing projects? We can help you control costs by setting up contracts for a specific term.

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