Balancing Speed and Accuracy – Voxtab English Transcription

Balancing Speed and Accuracy – Voxtab English Transcription Services

Balancing Speed and Accuracy – Voxtab English Transcription Services

If you’ve kept up with our blog, you know just how common transcription service providers are, and therefore, the number of factors that (should) come into play when selecting one for your business or project. However, when vendor selection boils down to per-minute rates and turnaround times, there’s a chance you haven’t spent nearly enough time verifying the quality they bring to the job. Not only is the resulting transcript more likely to contain errors but, because you may have to re-do it, you could overshoot your own deadline.

How then, to identify a partner who is able to guarantee quick turnaround times, while not compromising on quality? In this blog, we walk you through a few features which underpin all our services, to help lend some credibility amidst the claim and counterclaim culture prevailing within the industry.


An award-winning provider of global transcription services, Voxtab goes beyond standard transcription to offer more comprehensive ‘integrated’ solutions. This means access to a wide range of complimentary services with every transcription you submit – services that are chargeable elsewhere.

This ensures the quality of transcripts you receive is consistently a notch above the rest.

Superlative Quality

With Voxtab, you benefit from a best-in-class transcription accuracy of 99%. This quality standard is adhered to, regardless of the project or timeframe.

Here’s how we go about achieving this:

1. ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS)

Voxtab’s services are ISO certified for superior quality. A number of factors play into this, including the strength of its internal processes, the caliber of its delivery team, and its commitment to client satisfaction.

2. 3-Tiered Quality Check

Every project is the result of a rigorous three-step quality process, involving two experts: a transcriptionist and a highly-trained quality analyst. Every transcript goes through multiple checks before being declared fit to be released to the client.

3. The Team

Voxtab recruits only from a select pool of highly qualified transcriptionists and quality analysts. Each member is a native English speaker, in addition to being a language and a subject-matter expert. Your transcripts are delivered to you grammatically and contextually accurate.

These provisions notwithstanding, if you ever do happen to receive a faulty transcription or if it’s not up to the standard you’re expecting, the re-works on us. No charge.

Quick-fire Turnarounds

Often, just as important as quality is the turnaround time for a particular project. Outsourcing a transcription generally means you don’t have the time to do it yourself and you have dependencies riding on a timely and accurate transcript. How can you be sure your service provider will come through?

There are a few different indicators you can look out for. Voxtab, for example, relies highly on the caliber and experience of its team to ensure time efficiencies are made everywhere possible:

1. Highly Experienced and Qualified Professionals

Our transcribers and quality analysts are all qualified alumni from top global universities and what’s more, they possess on average at least 8.8 years of industry experience. They’re used to doing this day in and day out and that helps speed up the process immeasurably from a delivery standpoint.

2. Subject Matter Experts

Every member of our team is a qualified subject matter expert within a particular domain, and they get assigned projects relating to that domain. This helps save a ton of time they would otherwise spend researching and familiarizing themselves with the field, and ensures you receive relevant informed transcripts.

3. Stringent Process Management

Our ISO-certified processes meticulously track the progress of every project from start to delivery. Any deviations or delays are immediately highlighted, ensuring you receive your transcripts on time, every time.

However, project sizes differ. Some are by nature, more time-intensive than others. These too, Voxtab is able to deliver within a timeframe of your choice, without the slightest compromise on quality. The table below summarizes various delivery plans. You can pick one that’s ideal for your business or requirement.

Super Express Express Standard Relaxed
Up to 120 minutes 2 Day 3 Days 4 Days 5 Days
Every additional 120 minutes +1 Day +2 Days +3 Days +4 Days


Most importantly, at Voxtab, once we’ve committed to a deadline, we stick to it – come hell or high water. Any delays and you pay 20% less!

Ultimately, the discussion on quality and turnaround times it isn’t really a question of one or the other. We believe that as a client, you should never be made to choose between the two. An inaccurate transcript can be as redundant as a delayed one, especially in academic and legal disciplines, where precision is everything. Given the right team and organizational setup, combining the attributes of speed and accuracy shouldn’t just be possible, but routine.

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