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Voxtab’s services are designed to simplify all your transcription needs.

Our process is straightforward and our rates transparent. We pride ourselves on up-front pricing with no hidden fees, and we offer many complimentary features for which our competitors charge.

What’s more: Voxtab’s transcription and quality control team is comprised of language experts who are highly qualified in fields from academia to medicine to business. Our experts, along with our 3-Tiered Quality Check process, ensure that your transcript will be delivered at a 99% accuracy rate by your specified deadline. See? Simple.

3-Tiered Quality Check

Voxtab’s exclusive 3-Tiered Quality Control process ensures that your transcript will be delivered at a 99% accuracy rate by your specified deadline. When you select our service, your final transcript will be the result of a three-step process that involves two experts: a transcriptionist, and a highly-trained quality analyst. This unique process is implemented for all files assigned to Voxtab regardless of the volume or the delivery timeline.

Quality Analysis

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Free Features

To ensure that you receive all that you deserve from a transcription services provider, Voxtab offers several complimentary features that other providers do not. Voxtab is pleased to offer the following services absolutely free with every assignment with no covert conditions or terms.

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Value-Added Services

The following value-added services are designed to help you improve the quality of the language in your transcript for presentation or publication. Voxtab’s customized Proofreading, Copy Editing, and Summary services are offered in partnership with Enago, the editing arm of our parent company, Crimson Interactive.


  • Elimination of basic language errors in your document
  • Accurate grammar, syntax, punctuation, and terminology
  • Consistent style (British/American English)

Copy Editing

  • Extensive language review to correct grammar, syntax, punctuation, sentence structure, and word choice
  • Assurance of proper style and consistency, including native expressions and connotations/idioms
  • Thorough terminology review


  • Concise, detailed summary of your transcript
  • Written to your specifications (one-third the original length or as desired)
  • Report overview (including outline, conclusions, and suggestions)

Types of Transcription

Voxtab has established itself as a quality English transcription service provider in the following domains:

While these are the most common transcription services that we offer, we are not limited to those listed above. If you need any other type of transcription not mentioned here, please reach out to us, and our client servicing team will assist you. Or you can simply inform us of your requirements when you upload your audio/video files.

Our Team

Voxtab’s team of transcriptionists and quality analysts is comprised of native-English speakers from the US, UK, and Australia. Each and every one is a trained language expert who can understand different dialects, slangs, and other cultural nuances. And each is highly qualified in a specific subject area—from business and the law to medicine and the sciences.


File Formats

File Formats: professional transcription, professional transcription services, Audio Transcription

Voxtab has the capability to convert and/or work with an almost limitless variety of formats. Simply upload your digital files (at no cost to you), or mail us your media.

We can even transcribe online files, such as YouTube or iTunes, or those uploaded to a file-sharing platform like DropBox/Hightail.


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