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Why Transcribe Your Video?

video transcription

video transcription

What is video transcription?

Video transcription is the process of converting video content into a text form. It can either be done automatically, with the help of software, or manually by a transcriber.

What are the benefits of video transcription?

When video content is converted to text, it is presented in the form of transcripts. So, why are transcripts better than video content?

  • Enhanced Engagement: Audiences with hearing impairments can enjoy the content and interact with it better. Many businesses need to comply with laws such as the ADA (The Americans with Disability Act) to avoid discrimination and create hearing-impaired friendly content.
  • Easier accessibility and clarity: It is much easier to access the text and read it than downloading the video content (which sometimes also requires special tools or software). The diction and pronunciation in the video content may often be hard to follow. In such a case, the audience better understands the content when they read it in the text form.
  • Supercharged SEO: Today, many marketers are opting to transcribe their video content into text. It allows them to add the essential keywords to the transcripts to help with efficient Search Engine Optimization and improve the brand’s visibility in the digital landscape.
  • Cast a wider net/Local to Global: The transcripts can be easily translated into multiple languages and shared with the audience across the globe. It becomes easier for the brand to attain a wider audience reach and tap the international markets.  

Who is a transcriber?

A transcriber has the expertise of converting video content into a text form.

A transcriber’s quiver –

  • Keyboard King: Essentially, video transcription means hearing a video content and simultaneously typing every word to present it in a text form. A transcriber therefore must keep apace and type fast so as to not miss out on any word.
  •  Crossing the I’s and Dotting the T’s: Proofreading text is a transcriber’s forte, he molds the text into an eminently readable form. From correcting punctuation and spelling errors to minding the tenses, he’s got you covered.
  • Subject-Matter Expertise/Know It All: A transcriber needs to have the required subject-matter expertise for accurate video transcription. For instance, a documentary on animal sciences cannot be transcribed by a transcriber who only has language proficiency; they need to know the phrases, terminology, etcetera, used in animal sciences.
  • Confidentiality/Fort Knox: The onus of not freely sharing the client’s information without consent is always on the transcriber. The way transcribers maintain confidentiality also adds to their credibility and reputation.  

Can you transcribe video content by yourself?

Many try to self-transcribe the video content. Either by manually typing every word from the video content or using some speech recognition software tools to convert the video to text. Achieving the desired quality and accuracy with self-transcription however, may not be possible, so it is best to avail the services of a professional transcriber to deliver optimum quality. 

Why should you choose a video transcription service provider?

  • Quality Assurance: The difference between self-transcription and transcription by a professional is always evident. Video transcription service providers typically have a pool of native language speakers and subject matter experts. They have the experience to deliver well-structured transcripts with superior language quality and high technical accuracy.
  • On-time, every time: Video transcription service providers understand that untimely delivery of services will disrupt their credibility and the client’s business. So, they always ensure timely delivery of the transcripts, regardless of how time-consuming the process or unique the client’s requirement is.
  • Guidelines Guru: The video transcription service providers’ team knows the transcription guidelines and standards such as ADA (The Americans with Disability Act), WCAG, etcetera. They ensure complete guidelines adherence while transcribing your video content. 
  • More Bang for your Buck/Pocket-friendly/The Price is Right: The need for video transcription services is on the rise. Many video transcription service providers offer their services bundled with multiple value add-ons at competitive prices. It is more cost-effective to get your video content transcribed by professionals who invest time, treasure, and persevere than to train a non-expert in transcription.

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