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3 Reasons Why You Should Transcribe Your Video



Background noises, low volume, or a bad recording quality can complicate the understanding of a video. Some other times, strong accents or mispronunciations can also complicate it. Many professionals demand transcription services when facing these problems, but are there other reasons to transcribe your videos?

Whether to transcribe your audiovisual files or not always depends on the clients’ needs, but here are some of the most common reasons why considering professional transcription services is a good idea.

To facilitate distribution and dissemination: A transcription can help you to distribute the written content of interviews, talks, testimonies, etc. Spreading this content through written documents, brochures or notes is usually easier than doing it through audiovisual files. Transcription companies are often requested to transcribe academic talks, political speeches, or testimonies from trials, for example.

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To reduce storage space: In the so-called information era, archiving all kinds of records is a common practice, even though some of them are going to be stored and rarely used. Replacing videos with text files reduces storage space and makes archival work much easier.

To facilitate locating content and information: When looking for information, reading a written document is usually much faster than watching a video. Let’s imagine for example that you want to find a certain statement from a speech: when looking for it in a written document, there is no need to listen to the whole speech. Actually, word processing software offers tools to quickly search certain words and phrases.

Transcription services are really in great demand nowadays. Professional areas as journalism and communication, law, medicine, data management or documentation often request professional transcription services. A huge amount of relevant information is produced through videos every day. In many cases, this information can be transcribed to facilitate its dissemination and eventual use all around the world.

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