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Voxtab provides accurate, quick, affordable and high-quality transcription services. We assure a 99% accuracy level with our unique 3-tiered check model. Our native English Transcriptionists from USA, UK & Australia have the competence to understand all region specific accents and dialects.

Value Added Service to enhance your transcript

Voxtab offers additional services that add value to your transcripts by improving the language of the text by our qualified subject matter expert editors.

The services that we offer are:



We have used the transcription service offered by Voxtab for some of our projects and we were happy with the overall services. Voxtab team always answered our queries / requests in a timely manner and adhered to the agreed delivery deadlines. The prices offered by Voxtab are reasonable and overall they proved to be a great service provider. We would not hesitate to use their transcription services in future (if needed).

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Mael Tannou (Manager)
Capgemini Consulting France


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Voxtab has delighted clients for 9 years with highly experienced native English transcriptionists retaining majority of clients every year. Over the last decade, we’ve transcribed over 30,000 hours of audio and video files into highly accurate text.

We assure a 99% or better rate of accuracy of all our transcripts. We’re able to offer such a high level of quality because of our unique 3-tiered check model where each transcript is reviewed 3 times – twice by an experienced transcriber and once by a quality analyst before the transcript is delivered to the client.

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