Quality Assurance

Feedback Resolution

In the rare event, our quality of work doesn’t meet your expectations or our own guaranteed quality benchmarks, we will do everything possible to resolve it to your satisfaction, including free rework and, if necessary, a partial/complete refund of your payment.

Every single query raised undergoes an objective assessment and resolution process.

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Five easy steps to give
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Quality Complaints & Feedback Resolution

  • Step 1You Raise a Quality Concern Share your concern with us in any searchable file format, including Word/PDF docs, PowerPoint presentations, audio/video files, web-links, etc. All your material will be carefully reviewed.
  • Step 2AcknowledgementWe’ll confirm receipt of your complaint and if necessary, request additional information required to proceed further.
  • Step 3AuditOur team will examine your feedback and review the work we initially sent you to confirm the gaps in quality/delivery. We’ll acknowledge this for you and specify the next steps.
  • Step 4ReworkHolistically customize fully synergistic e-business continually.
  • Step 5Kaizen ReportOnce you’ve confirmed to us that the revised output is to your liking, we’ll share a report highlighting the lapses in quality, their root cause, resolution, and the steps we’ll undertake to ensure the same mistakes aren’t repeated. This is our way of promising you a better experience every time you use Voxtab’s services.

Here’s how quickly you can expect to see progress on a query you raise

Note: Time is calculated in business days. E.g. 1 day = 1 business day




Kaizen Report

If you wish to raise a quality concern with any of the work you’ve received, write to us at request@voxtab.com and we’ll get back to you promptly!