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Voxtab is a global transcription company with operations in most regions of the world. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about our services, Transcriptionists, quality, confidentiality, delivery, payment, etc.

Click on the questions below to get their answers, with links that will guide you to further information.

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Who are your Transcriptionists?
Our Transcriptionists are experienced subject experts with an average experience of 8.8 years. We only work with native English-speaking Transcriptionists. To know more about our Transcriptionists, please visit Transcriptionists Profile.
Is my audio transcribed by real people?
Absolutely! Voice recognition technology cannot provide such high-quality and accurate transcripts. Voxtab believes that no software can outrun the service offered by Voxtab’s Transcriptionists.
Will you offshore my work?
Yes. We understand the requirements of our native English-speaking clients, and to provide them with the best, we employ Transcriptionists only from native English-speaking countries—the USA, UK, and Australia. All employees have signed a confidentiality agreement. To know more, visit Transcriptionist Profiles.
How do I trust that your Transcriptionists are qualified?
We provide authentic Transcriptionist profiles on our website, and you can completely trust their accuracy. If you still need proofs, please contact us. Under very rare circumstances and certain conditions, we do disclose the qualifications of our Transcriptionists.
What are the document areas in which Voxtab transcribes?
We have subject experts in almost all the fields that require transcription. You can view the list here. However, please note that the list provided on the website is not exhaustive of the subjects we cater to. Even if your subject area is not mentioned in the list, you can still contact us, and we would let you know if we have an expert Transcriptionist to meet your requirement.
My audio file belongs to the subject area which is not mentioned on your website. Will you still transcribe it?
Our years of transcription experience have made us experts in almost all subject areas that require transcription. We have subject experts from across domains. Even if your subject area is not listed on our website, chances are that we have an expert who is just right for you. To find out if we cover your subject area, please contact us.
What are the different types of services you provide?
Along with various transcription services in different domains, we provide services that complement the transcriptions. You can select from our transcription+proof reading, transcription + copyediting, or transcription + summary service. For details about transcription services, please Click here.
How do you deliver the document?
We usually email the document to you in MS Word format. However, on request, we also can email the document in PDF format.
How do I upload my file?
Uploading a file is a simple process that requires very less effort. Our web application will guide you at every step of uploading your file. Upload now.
What are the file formats Voxtab transcribes?
Voxtab transcribes 920 different audio/video formats, including both digital and analog files. No matter what the format of your audio, Voxtab has the technology and expertise to provide accurate transcriptions. File formats such as .asf, .swf, .ape, .ogg, and many other rare file types are compatible with the state-of-the-art technology used at Voxtab. For more information about the file formats and quality of each format, click here.
What are the various modes of payment Voxtab accepts?
We accept two modes of payment:
1) Card payment
2) Bank transfer.
We accept all major credit cards via Paypal. We also allow clients to transfer money from their bank accounts to ours.
To know more about our payment options, click here.
Can you provide a summary of my transcript?
Yes. We can provide a summary of your transcripts. Depending upon your requirements, we provide standard or customized summary reports. For details, click here.
Can you edit the transcript?
Yes we do. We provide copyediting services along with transcription services
My organization/university needs a proof for opting for Voxtab’s services in a specified format. Will you provide it?
Yes, we do provide invoices/proofs in required formats. Email us at for any such requests.
Will you format my transcript in a specified format?
We do not have separate formatting services. However, our transcription + proofreading service and transcription + copyediting service provide formatting services on request.
Do you only transcribe digital media?
We transcribe digital as well as analog media. Digital files are easy to send and save time. We also have softwares available that change an analog file to digital file.
I have analog tapes. How do I send them across?
You can mail your tapes to an address nearest to you from the following locations:
  • Boston, USA:
    1732, 1st Ave #22627, New York, 10128
  • Tokyo, Japan:
    Crimson Interactive Japan Co., Ltd., 3-3-1 Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 113-0034 JAPAN
  • Mumbai, India:
    1001, 10th Floor, Techniplex – II, Veer Savarkar Flyover, S. V. Road, Goregaon (W), Mumbai 400062, India
  • Beijing, China:
    2208, Kai Yan Business Building, North River Street, Cheng Fu Road, Haidian Area, Beijing, China
  • Sao Paolo, Brazil:
    Rua Dr. Melo Alves, 529, cj. 82. Cerqueira César. São Paulo - SP. Cep: 01417-010
  • Berlin, Germany:
    Publishing Consulting, Herrn Joachim Engelland, Grußdorfstraße 1, 13507 Berlin, Germany
  • Seoul, Korea:
    4F, Gangnam Bldg., 647 Eonju-Ro, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul 135-996,Korea
  • Istanbul, Turkey:
    Levent Mah. Ulgen Sok. No:52 , 34330 Besiktas/ Istanbul
Why is digital recording better than analog?
Analog media (tapes and microcassettes) cannot provide you with the clarity of audio that you get with digital recording. With digital files, you also save on time and money: no need for physical tapes, storage, or shipping. All digital files can be stored and catalogued electronically and uploaded to Verbal Ink for transcription.
How do you ensure the quality of my transcript?
Voxtab follows a three-tiered quality check model, which ensures the accuracy and high-quality of the file delivered. Voxtab is also an ISO 9001 certified service provider. Our processes guarantee the highest possible quality. For more details on our quality assurance, click here
I want to know more about your processes.
To know more about our processes, click here
How soon can you deliver my transcript?
We have a range of turnaround times and can even deliver a file within 12 hours. For more information, please click here .

In case of any further queries, feel free to Contact us.

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