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Improve the reach of your English programs by localizing them for targeted global markets with Voxtab's subtitling service. Access FCC-compliant, contextual subtitles for English content in over 16 global languages, with more available on request.

Over 99% Accurate Subtitles

Our subtitling services are subject to the same 3-Tiered Quality Control process which underpins of Voxtab. Additionally, your subtitles may undergo the fourth level of review by a language and/or a subject-matter expert as and when mandated by the project. This ensures your subtitles are guaranteed 99% accurate for text and timing and delivered on time – every time.

Languages Offered

Voxtab offers video subtitling services in many languages across the globe. Choose your desired language for subtitles and make your videos available to a larger audience.

  • English Subtitling Services
  • Chinese Subtitling Services
  • French Subtitling Services
  • German Subtitling Services
  • Indic Subtitling Services
  • Italian Subtitling Services
  • Japanese Subtitling Services
  • Korean Subtitling Services
  • Portuguese Subtitling Services
  • Russian Subtitling Services
  • Spanish Subtitling Services

Our Team

Voxtab's team of subtitling editors and quality analysts is comprised of bilingual experts and native speakers of the target language. Each member is a trained language expert who can understand different dialects, slangs, and other cultural nuances, in addition to being a highly experienced subtitling professional.

Output Formats

Voxtab's premium closed captions and video subtitles are conveniently available in over 200 globally used formats. Popular ones include:

  • SubRip (.srt)
  • Scenarist (.scc)
  • MacCaption (.mcc)
  • Timed Text (.ttml)
  • Quicktime Timed Text (.qt.txt)
  • Transcript (.txt)
  • WebVTT (.vtt)
  • DFXP (.dfxp)
  • Cheetah .CAP (.cap)
  • Spruce Subtitle File (.stl)
  • Avid DS Subtitle File (.txt)
  • Facebook ready SubRip (.srt)

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