Our commitment to offer clients excellent transcripts along with high levels of confidentiality,
has resulted in an innovative encryption platform that provides you with maximum security along with ease of use.

Benefits of Voxtab’s Encryption Platform

Highly secure and confidential transcription services Document security

The multiple encryption levels make the Voxtab encryption platform robust. Authorized transcriptions receive an ID and a password to access the server only to work on your audio file. The platform will save all your files in your directory.

Data Protection - Files are encrypted for security and confidentiality
                                    Absolute data protection

Once the files are uploaded, they are encrypted and saved in your directory. After your transcripts are ready, they are saved in the same directory.

Voxtab's encryption platform provides central management, control, and reporting. Central control and reporting

The encryption platform provides central management, control, and reporting. The system logs all file access in real time and also reports data movement and actions.

Voxtab's encryption platform does regular audit for extra security Regular audit

The system runs a real-time security check to identify if the IDs used to access the file match with the authorized ones. This ID check is done by verifying the transcriber’s ID along with the IP address and sends out an alert even if only the IP address has a mismatch.

Voxtab archives your data for 30 days after delivery Timed archiving

The system is programmed to automatically archive a file 30 days after the delivery date. The file archived can be accessed only by Voxtab. Clients can request for a copy of the archived files, in case they need one.

Voxtab's server is loaded with firewalls and antivirus programs for data security No Entry even by force

The server is loaded with firewalls and antivirus programs, ensuring complete safety against unauthorized or third party access even by force. This is achieved by setting up passwords for users and also by sending out alerts immediately in case any unauthorized access attempt is made, even if it is by another Voxtab Transcriptionist.

Voxtab’s encryption platform is offered to every client at no additional cost.