5 Traits of an Efficient Transcription Service Provider



100% accuracy, speed and reasonable prices. Is only that what you are looking for when choosing a transcription company? Are you taking into account the singularities of your needs? Don’t follow the standards and consider your particular goals and interests when looking for a transcription company. Choosing a transcription service provider is a decision that requires careful thought and must be made taking into consideration the singularities of each transcription.

Here you have some traits that every efficient provider should have, and some tips to help you to understand to which characteristic you should pay more attention depending on your demands.

  1. Confidentiality: This is the first trait you should look for if the information must be kept safe. Voxtab counts on an innovative encryption platform that provides clients with maximum security: authorized transcriptors receive an ID and a password to access the server only to work on a certain audio file. Since the server is loaded with firewalls and antivirus programs, it ensures complete safety against unauthorized or third party access. Confidentiality is demanded in many cases when it comes to fields as medicine or law, for example.
  2. Native transcriptors and variety of languages: Transcriptions are usually done by natives, which sometimes are specialized in different accents or dialects. However and depending on their difficulty, some transcriptions could be easily made by not natives with a high command of the language. Therefore, to rely on a company that offers multi-lingual transcriptions is in many cases the best idea.
  3. Several areas of expertise: Transcription companies that count on different areas of expertise can ensure that each order is going to be assigned to the transcriptor that better meets the criteria. Business, legal, academic, marketing, or media transcriptions are among the most demanded types nowadays. However, some companies as Voxtab offer also other types as podcasts or interview transcriptions, for instance.
  4. Quality control: We could go as far as to say that proofreading is a key aspect of professional transcription companies. In addition to ensuring the transcription is produced by a native speaker with a great command on the field, it’s worthwhile to make sure the transcription services offer good quality control. Voxtab, for example, counts on a 3-tiered check model ( that ensures 99% accuracy. Following this method, a transcriptionist checks the document twice and a quality analyst ensures accuracy.
  5. Flexibility regarding file formats: Technology has vital importance in the transcription field. A professional transcription company should transcribe both digital and analog files, regardless of their format. Make sure also the service can deliver your transcription back in the format you prefer.

Are you still considering speed or prices as the most important characteristics when choosing a transcription company? Unless you are really conditioned by schedule times, you must take some time to find the service that best meets your needs. And last but not the least, it is also recommended to value the customer support’s quality of the company you are going to rely upon from now on.

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