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It’s an all-too-common occurrence. In the interest of saving time, you spend money to have your research, media, or job interviews transcribed. Upon receiving your file, you find it’s replete with errors. You can’t begin writing or hiring until it’s done correctly. So you find yourself editing the entire document.

Voxtab has been transcribing interviews for years, and offers highly accurate transcripts that meet your needs. Our client base consists of professionals from diverse disciplines, such as businessmen, lawyers, authors, journalists, students, researchers, recruiters, multimedia professionals, police, etc. Our affordable interview transcription enables the clients to remain proficient in their respective fields by ensuring your transcripts are accurate and delivered quickly.

Why choose Voxtab?

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Get it Done Correctly

Our team of highly trained transcriptionists and quality analysts are skilled in deciphering many international accents and dialects. We also offer several levels of service, whether you require a verbatim transcript, a more simplified document free from repetition and filler, or a completely customized format. Trust Voxtab to deliver error-free transcript quickly according to your specifications.

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Ensure Confidentiality

Voxtab understands the importance of maintaining privacy for your interviews. We treat your information sensitively and securely. In fact, our ISO/IEC-certification guarantees that your data is always treated with the greatest integrity. You have no need to fear that your interview will fall into the wrong hands. Directly upload your audio/video files on to our secure file server.

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Save Time and Money

Our simple pricing plan includes the same rate regardless of the number of speakers. Every one of Voxtab’s transcripts comes with Free Speaker Identification despite any cross-talking. We will also include time stamps for free. We save you time, money, and energy, too. You will never need to compare your audio with our transcript to correct errors.

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