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Reduce lengthy transcripts to a fraction of their size for a quick and informative read. Voxtab’s Summary service is highly customizable as per your specific requirements and available to you in two broad variants:

Report Summary: A comprehensive, structured synopsis of your transcription, including a cover page, executive summary, background, significance, key concepts, schedule, budgets, and concluding recommendations and/or proposals. Word count is 20% lesser than that of the original transcript. For example, if your transcript is 1,000 words long, the summary will be around 800 words in length.

Short Summary: A more simplified summary, structured in a manner similar to the Report Summary. The word count comes in at around 60% lesser than that of your original transcript.

A team of highly skilled editors – language and subject-matter experts – work on your project to deliver a business-ready write-up.


The Summary service is available to all recipients of Voxtab’s Quality Draft transcripts. From beginning to end, your output undergoes four levels of process and review:

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
    Quality Analysis
  • 4
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