Conference Transcription

Create a searchable record of any size meeting or event

Office meetings, conference calls, large-scale conventions: There can be a wealth of information shared during every gathering, large or small. Why not create a record of these proceedings? Allow your team members and guests to easily recover important details and quotes with Voxtab’s conference transcription services. Regardless of the length or complexity of the assignment, we are committed to quick and efficient client service. Voxtab delivers highly accurate transcripts that meet your exact specifications.

Why choose Voxtab?

Voxtab's transcriptionists are highly qualified and trained subject-area experts

Our Trained Experts

All of our transcriptionists are highly qualified in a specific subject area—from business and the law to medicine and the sciences. They are also language experts who can understand different dialects, slangs, and other cultural nuances. Our trained team can differentiate among distinct voices. They will properly identify individual speakers, even during discussions that include a dozen speakers or more.

Voxtab offers affordable conference transcription services

Competitive Pricing

Unlike other conference transcription companies, Voxtab does not charge extra for the number of speakers. Our simple pricing plan guarantees you’ll pay the same fee for two or ten, despite any inevitable cross-talking. Our Speaker Identification feature is completely free, and we include other complimentary services with each transcript such as time stamps.

Voxtab offers transcripts tailored to any required format.

Files Match Your Specifications

Voxtab offers transcripts tailored to any required format. Our three levels of service guarantee you will get what you want in your document, from a verbatim transcript to one that excludes repetitions, fillers, and other superfluous audio, to a file that can be completely customized to your needs. Voxtab will deliver your document quickly according to your specifications.

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