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Voxtab goes above and beyond what is typical in the industry. Whereas most competitors charge for the following services, Voxtab offers them—for free—with every assignment. No conditions apply.

5-minute Timestamp5-minute Timestamp

Time stamps serve as a marker at regular intervals, thereby allowing you to sync the text to the audio. We will insert a time stamp every five minutes. Contact us if you would like markers set at another interval.

Speaker IdentificationSpeaker Identification

Speaker IDs help you identify/recognize who’s talking at any point in the transcript. This can be done in several ways:

We will confirm which format is the most suitable based on your audio/video file and add it to your transcript.

Customizable Transcription FormattingCustomizable Transcript Formatting

Voxtab offers three types of formatting for your transcription. Simply select the format that meets your needs.

Verbatim Transcription

We’ll transcribe every expression, filler, repetition, and other nuances exactly as they appear in the original audio

Clean Transcription

This more easy-to-read transcript excludes expressions, fillers, repetitions, and other superfluous nuances that appeared in the original audio.

Customized Transcription

Your transcript can be customized to a format that meets your needs and specifications.


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Technical TerminologyTechnical Terminology

Our transcriptionists conduct comprehensive research into subject-based databases to ensure the accuracy of terminologies, such as any abbreviations, acronyms, and any other complex terms.

Transcribing Strong AccentsTranscribing Strong Accents

Our team of highly skilled transcriptionists and quality analysts are skilled in understanding and deciphering the most unique accents and dialects. We offer expertise in handling different nationalities, slangs, and other cultural nuances. Voxtab has successfully transcribed files with speakers from US, UK, Australia, along with non-native English speakers, and consistently meet the area-specific language and usage expectations of all our clients.

Pre-transcription Audio/Video Assessment ReportPre-transcription Audio/Video Assessment Report

We assess your audio/video file for its quality and complexity to evaluate whether your project requires any special treatment. If there is a problem with your audio file, we identify the issues early to deliver the best results.

This screening process identifies the following:

View sample assessment report

Digitizing of Analog FilesDigitizing of Analog Files

We can digitize your analog file for transcription, free of cost. You can send the file to the below address, and we can immediately begin working on your file.


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