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Record every insight, no matter how many people are talking

The key challenge of transcribing focus group discussions is frequently overlapping speech. Multiple people, some or all with tricky accents, talk at once. And it’s difficult to get it all down on paper, to say the least. Voxtab’s transcriptionists and quality analysts are highly skilled language experts with years’ experience overcoming these hurdles. We can even transcribe online and teleconference focus groups as they happen to ensure the fastest turnaround times of the most complex discussions.

Why choose Voxtab?

Voxtab provides accurate transcription of every word

Accurate Transcripts of Every Word

Our team of native English-speaking experts has transcribed thousands of focus group audio/video files into accurate text. They are skilled in deciphering even the most challenging dialects and accents. Our highly trained team can even properly identify speakers in groups of a dozen or more people.

Voxtab's transcriptionists are highly qualified subject-area experts

Subject Matter Specialists

Each transcriptionist is a subject-matter expert. They have in-depth knowledge in disciplines ranging from economics, business, the arts, and social sciences to medicine, engineering, and the life and physical sciences. Clients are consistently impressed by our ability to accurately transcribe discussions that are filled with complex technological terms and concepts.

Voxtab offers the best focus group transcription rates

The Best Rates and Service

Our pricing promise includes the fact that you’ll get the best focus group transcription rates in the industry. Unlike our competitors, we do not charge extra for the number of speakers. And, despite any cross-talk, our transcripts come with Free Speaker Identification. We also offer other complimentary services such as time stamps. We can customize your document to any required format.

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