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Stellar market research and analysis is integral to everything from product design to marketing strategy. To achieve success, businesses must accurately capture insights from a wide variety of sources: focus groups, consumer forums, interviews, opinion polls, and more. Voxtab’s market research transcription services can take all this data and present it to you in highly accurate transcripts. We’ll help you make decisions that benefit your business.

Why Choose Voxtab?

Focus on Quality and Accuracy

Voxtab is familiar with the challenges and terminology associated with the market research industry. Our transcriptionists and quality analysts offer subject matter expertise in business and economics, as well as academia. Our team is also skilled in working with files that include tricky dialects and accents from across the world. Voxtab ensures error-free documents with no misrepresentations or misinterpretations.


Save Time and Money

Whether you’re conducting product research or looking for feedback on your marketing campaign, you want to begin analyzing your data immediately. Voxtab offers a variety of turnaround times to deliver the transcripts you need at the most competitive rates. Unlike other market research transcription companies, we do not charge higher fees for a greater number of speakers. We also offer free speaker identification, as well as other complimentary features.


Secure and Confidential

Not only does Voxtab offer experience and expertise in transcribing market research, we understand the sensitive and proprietary nature of this information. We guarantee complete security and confidentiality of all your data. And we deliver it back to you with the utmost accuracy and timely delivery.

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