Sermon Transcription Services

Spread the Good Word with accuracy and integrity

Whether you seek to transcribe sermons for personal perusal or you want to reach audiences across the world, rely on Voxtab to deliver documents that accurately reflect your audio/video files. You can use our text to post sermons online to be more easily found and expand your community. Or you can publish your work offline as a book to create a library of your teachings for parishioners.

Why choose Voxtab?

Voxtab offers reliable and accurate sermon transcription service

Reliability and Accuracy

Our trustworthy sermon transcription team includes religious scholars dedicated to delivering error-free transcripts. We meticulously refer to religious books and texts to make sure your references, particularly Bible passages, are faithful to the original source.

Voxtab supports all types of audio and video formats


Voxtab supports virtually every form of audio and video. Simply send us your file(s), and we will return the transcribed documents to you within your specified turnaround time—and to your exact specifications.

Voxtab offers affordable sermon transcription services with no hidden charges

Simple and Affordable Pricing

We are pleased to offer the most affordable church sermon transcriptions. Voxtab prides itself on our up-front pricing plans with no hidden fees. Unlike other sermon transcription companies, you won’t pay extra for transcribing different dialects or heavy accents. Your fee is wholly dependent on the length of your file and your desired deadline.

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