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When documenting sensitive legal material, trust the experts

Hearings, depositions, interrogations; they all require legal transcription. Otherwise anyone involved in casework will need to listen to recordings over and over again. You want facts, dates, quotes, and easily accessible in text format. But doing this kind of work in-house is an arduous and tedious process. Let Voxtab save your time and resources so you can focus on the critical legal matters that need your attention. We are the legal transcription partner of choice for law firms, attorneys, public prosecutors, and others in the law profession.

Why choose Voxtab?

Voxtab's legal transcriptionists team includes lawyers, legal experts with years of experience in transcribing legal documents

Legal Expertise

Voxtab offers transcriptionists and quality analysts who are adept in the realm of legal procedures. Our team includes lawyers, legal experts, certified court reporters, paralegals and legal secretaries with years of experience in transcribing legal pleadings, subpoenas, sworn statements, summonses, depositions, interrogations, hearings, and dictations.

Quick and accurate legal transcription service

Accurate and Quick

You can rely on Voxtab for accuracy when it comes to transcribing your recordings. Our technically sound transcribers not only have in-depth knowledge of specific legal phrases and terminology, they have experience transcribing multiple-voice recordings. They’ll deliver your error-free document quickly and to your specified deadline and requirements.

Voxtab is a trusted transcription company and it keeps all your documents confidential

Safe and Secure

Confidentiality is the most important consideration when obtaining the best legal transcription services. Therefore, your privacy is a very big concern of ours. Voxtab follows the strictest code of confidence with all the documents we transcribe. Our ISO/IEC-certification guarantees that your sensitive data is always treated with the greatest integrity.

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