Audio Transcription Services

Effortlessly convert your audio and video to words

Have a digital or analog audio or video file that you’d like to transcribe? Voxtab has the capability to convert and/or work with an almost limitless variety of formats. Clients turn to us for accurate and quick transcription Simply upload your digital files (at no cost to you), or mail us your media. Voxtab has successfully delivered thousands of video and audio transcriptions of various lengths. We’ll supply text according to your specifications, and we never charge extra for the quality of your file.

Why choose Voxtab?

Voxtab's audio transcription services supports all types of file fromats

Variety of Formats

While most clients send us digital files in mp3 format, Voxtab supports all kinds, including:

  • .3gp | .act | .aiff | .aac
  • .amr | .au | .awb | .dct
  • .dss | .dvf | .flac | .gsm
  • .iklax | .ivs | .m4a | .m4p
  • .mmf | .mp3 | .mpc | .msv
  • .ogg | .oga | .opus | .ra
  • .rm | .raw | .sln | .tta
  • .vox | .wav | .wma | .wv

Don’t forget: We can also transcribe CDs, cassettes, and micro-cassettes at no extra fee beyond your mailing cost.

Voxtab's transcriptionists are highly trained subject-area experts

Subject-Area Expertise

Our highly trained transcriptionists and quality analysts have in-depth experience in most topics. In fact, our team is comprised exclusively of subject-matter specialists. Voxtab offers the most highly educated transcribing team of any mp3 to text transcription service, anywhere.

Voxtab offers accurate and affordable audio transcription

Simplicity, Accuracy, and Affordability

Our process is simple. Send us your audio/video file(s), and we will return the transcribed documents to you within your specified turnaround time. Your transcripts will not only be error-free, they will be delivered to you at the best audio transcription hourly rate available.

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