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Voxtab offers multi-lingual transcription services of over 93 languages. We offer multi-lingual transcription services in all American, European, African, Arabian, and Asian languages all over the world. These services are tailored to clients from different divisions who engage in international business activities which include major industries like marketing, finance, entertainment, media, etc.

Our Multi-lingual team has professionals who are excellent at linguistic skills and they have expertise in specialized subject areas. Our Multi-lingual Transcriptionists possess excellent subject matter expertise and great research skills that helps in better understandability of the context.

All our Multi-lingual Transcriptionists have at least a master’s degree in specific field in their native language hence ensuring perfect grasp of the audio thereby providing accurate transcription with quick turnaround times.

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Please write to us in the instructions when you upload your audio to us. Or contact us directly for any specialized multi-lingual transcription services.

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