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Voxtab’s team of transcriptionists and quality analysts is comprised of native-English speakers from the US, UK, and Australia. Each and every one is a trained language expert who can understand different dialects, slangs, and other cultural nuances. And each is highly qualified in a specific subject area—from business and the law to medicine and the sciences.

What Makes Our Team the Best?

Native English Speakers

Our expertise meets every expectation regarding accuracy and reliability in transcribing country-specific dialects, accents, slangs, and other cultural nuances.


Subject-Matter Experts

Voxtab’s transcriptionists offer in-depth knowledge of various subject areas such as medicine, life sciences, physical sciences, engineering, economics, business, arts, and social sciences. They are also skilled in transcribing events, such as conferences.



Every member of our team has a minimum of five years’ experience. The average for all of Voxtab’s transcriptionists is 8.4 years. And our highly-skilled editors who work on value-added services have an average of 19.4 years’ experience.


Highly Educated and Trained

All of our transcriptionists are qualified experts holding either bachelor’s or master’s degrees in specific subject areas. Every member of our team has completed an extensive 45-day training and evaluation program, the equivalent to certification.


Language Experts for Multilingual Transcription

Voxtab also offers regional transcriptionists for European languages and others, such as Korean, Japanese, and Chinese.


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