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Across disciplines, Voxtab is synonymous with service

Specializing in transcription services for many industries and formats, Voxtab delivers transcripts of your audio and video files at competitive prices and quick turnaround times—at the highest accuracy rates in the industry.

Clients worldwide turn to us for our highly skilled subject-matter experts—from business and the law to medicine and the sciences. With Voxtab, your audio files will always be transcribed by language experts with in-depth knowledge in your field.

Academic Transcription

Voxtab enables researchers, professors, and students to concentrate on more critical activities by transcribing everything from research notes and dissertation materials to conferences and classroom recordings. We can help analyze data to ensure you capture everything.

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Business Transcription

Time and money are crucial elements of your success. To this end, Voxtab delivers quick, accurate, and affordable business transcription services. We can transcribe your board meetings, interviews, focus groups, etc. in as little as 24 hours.

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Conference Transcription

Allow your team members and guests to easily search for important details and quotes from office meetings, conference calls, large-scale conventions, and more. Regardless of the number of speakers, Voxtab delivers highly accurate transcripts that meet your exact specifications.

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Interview Transcription

Save time, money, and energy by allowing Voxtab to transcribe job interviews, research interviews, media interviews, and more. We enable our clients to remain proficient in their respective fields by ensuring your transcripts are accurate and delivered quickly.

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Focus Group Transcription

Get every insight from focus groups on paper, regardless of the number of speakers. Whether you have assembled a group for academic research, business discussions, or market research, our highly trained transcriptionists will record every spoken word and identify all the speakers.

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Market Research Transcription

To achieve success, businesses must accurately capture insights from a wide variety of sources: focus groups, interviews, opinions polls, and more. Voxtab presents all of this data in highly accurate transcripts to help you make decisions that benefit your business.

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Legal Transcription

With all legal proceedings, you want facts, dates, quotes, and easily accessible in text format. But handling this work in house is an arduous and tedious process. Let Voxtab save your time and resources so you can focus on the critical legal matters that need your attention.

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Medical Transcription

As with all of our assignments, we treat the sensitive nature of your data with the highest standards of information security, client confidentiality, and trust in the industry. Dedicate your time to what you do best: taking care of your patients.

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Online Transcription

Voxtab offers great value for all your online digital transcription projects—everything from YouTube videos to files shared on platforms such as DropBox or Hightail. We pride ourselves on up-front pricing with no hidden fees. Simply send us your link, and get your transcript.

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Audio Transcription

Simply upload your digital files (at no cost to you), or mail us your media. Voxtab has the capability to convert and/or work with an almost limitless variety of formats. Clients turn to us for accurate and quick transcription.

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Podcast Transcription

Voxtab can help you improve your search-engine ranking. Attract a larger audience by transcribing your podcasts into text that you can post online. We also specialize in providing text documents of third-party podcasts for research or learning.

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Video Transcription

If you want more eyes on your content, they’re out there. Use Voxtab to generate transcripts of your video so that search engines, and users, can find you. Upload your files, send us a link, or mail us your media. We support any format, and we don’t charge extra for transcribing videos.

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Sermon Transcription

Originated for preachers and ministers, Voxtab’s Sermon Transcription Services provide text versions of homilies and religious lectures to encourage the spread of good teachings. Post your sermons online to reach a new audience or publish offline as a book.

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These are the most common transcription services that we offer, but we are not limited to these services. If you need any other type of transcription that is not listed above, please contact us, and our client servicing team will assist you.


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